Free Porn Videos - Friday, 16th of April 2021

Pokemon Has A Porn Parody, Watch The Wild Trailer

pokemon wood rocket Pokémon has been a phenomenon since it was created in 1995, spawning trading cards, video games and a few popular animated TV shows. And now the franchise has its own porn parody, the aptly titled Strokemon. You can check out the trailer for the porn parody, below. Note, it’s just a trailer, so besides some poorly conceived “stroke”-oriented jokes, it's not particularly graphic, and it is sort-of safe for work. The key being sort-of.

The NSFW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Porn

dongatello Here’s how you know that your film has made it to the big time: You get a porn parody. Back to the Future got one. Guardians of the Galaxy got one, as well. And the next franchise to power a raunchy, NSFW porn parody? The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Naturally. Here’s the NSFW trailer for it. You might want to close your office door before watching.

Throwback Thursday: Riley Reid Cruises Streets Of LA

riley reid cruises streets of laNo matter what she does, the end product (or a BTS in this case) is always a fun watch. Sometimes it gets you more excited than the others, but it never leaves you disappointed when Riley Reid appears on the screen. THAT’S A FACT. Whether she plays with monster cocks or she simply cruises streets of LA, a Riley video always gets the juices going. Sort of. Kinda. Bloody hell, of course it does!

Your Favorite Sex Position And What It Says About You

Do you tend to play it safe in the sack? Or are you a freak in the sheets? Either way, there’s no shame in how you play the game, but your preferences do say a little something about your personality. Here is our pornified expert analysis of what your favorite position says about you!

Here’s a map of the most searched porn terms by state

Pornhub — a porn streaming site, for those who are unaware (nobody’s buying it) — did some stat-compiling recently and decided to make a map of the most commonly searched porn term by state. The results show a stunning lack of originality for the United States of America.

Here’s a map of the most searched porn terms by state

As you can see, Lesbian pretty much has it across the board. It dominates the Atlantic coast, the Southwest, and a considerable chunk of the Midwest as well. The few states that bucked the lesbian trend seemed to gravitate towards step-mom/sister stuff. Only two states had top terms that weren’t found in other states with Hawaii going for Asian and Rhode Island standing firmly for the MILFs (I’ve decided to lump Louisiana’s Black in with the other states that searched for Ebony because separating the two feels like splitting hairs).

Top 10 Most Sexiest and Hottest Hollywood Actress in 2016

Many Actresses comes every year and there are very few who stays top in many lists and in the heart of the fans. Here we list Most Beautiful Actress, Sexiest Hollywood Actress and Hottest Hollywood Actress in 2016.